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The Woman in the Sky

WitS Cover

The first story in the Elizabeth Crowne series is finally available! Find your paperback or ebook today on Amazon, or wherever books are sold.

The year is 1912. Elizabeth Crowne is the first woman ever to study at Saint Luke’s Medical Academy, but she yearns for something more. When she receives a mysterious invitation, Elizabeth enters a macabre new world—of levitating killers, imaginary palaces, and a swordsman impervious to death.

Based on the hit podcast series, The Woman in the Sky collects the first three Elizabeth Crowne stories, linked into a single thrilling novel. Follow Elizabeth to the misty Berkshires, to English opium dens, and to the sun-scorched hills of Spain, as she metamorphoses from precocious student to globe-trotting investigator. The Woman in the Sky is vintage Elizabeth Crowne—and an uncanny coming-of-age story.

“A delightful and shivery and humorous romp… the fast-paced and unpredictable tale features a winning cast of characters, primarily our young heroine, Elizabeth Crowne.” —Paul DiFilippo, Author of The Steampunk Trilogy

The Mysterious Tongue of Dr. Vermillion

Vermillion Cover

The Mysterious Tongue of Dr. Vermilion, the nail-biting sequel to The Woman in the Sky, is available worldwide at Amazon and on Kindle. Better still, you can order a copy at your local bookstore.

It’s 1921, and the Jazz Age is in full swing. But beneath the boisterous veneer, malevolence lurks: An airship overrun by seductive killers. An asylum filled with living dead. A mysterious doctor with a secret language. Only one hero has the guts and gusto to face these horrors—Elizabeth Crowne, Uncannologist.

Witty and suspenseful, The Mysterious Tongue of Dr. Vermilion collects five Elizabeth Crowne stories, plunging the reader into kaleidoscopic mystery and Radium Age adventure. From the sultry nightclubs of Cuba to the cobblestone streets of Pittsburgh, Elizabeth probes the paranormal—and gives death a run for its money.

“Elizabeth Crowne, Uncannologist, is a treasure: a quick-witted, brash heroine whose dry humor and no-nonsense attitude serves her well in a world where Prohibition really isn’t the biggest problem looming. A reader couldn’t ask for a better combination than the one found in Dr. Vermilion – an incredibly enjoyable heroine, her plucky sidekick (ladies kicking butt and taking names in 1921! Yes!), and a collection of stories that sparkle with lush description and carefully-crafted plots against the backdrop of one of the best cities in the world. Do yourself a favor: read it. You’ll want to travel with Elizabeth far past the last page – which comes all too soon.” —Megan O’Neill, author of (Baseball) Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend