Maude’s Musings: Tips for Provisions on the Road

Courtesy of the British Library

Courtesy of the British Library

Preparation, preparation, preparation! That’s what my mother always used to say. And every time I pack Elizabeth’s bags for an adventure on the road, that’s the advice I keep in mind.

Seasoned travelers already know the basics (canteen, bedroll, little black dress), and they’ve usually picked up some tricks along the way (wrap everything in a raincoat or sheet of cellophane, to keep it dry). But a paranormal investigator can never be too cautious. Here are some extras I’m always keen to carry along.

  1. Extra candles/matches.
  2. A sharp huntsman’s knife.
  3. One clove of garlic for every traveler, plus a tweed string to hang it from.
  4. A cryptographer’s handbook.
  5. Compass/sextant.
  6. Magnifying glass.
  7. Cyanide pills.
  8. Bandages/hot water bottle
  9. 50-ft. rope with grappling hook.
  10. Flash powder.
  11. One block of dark chocolate (sealed)
  12. Binoculars. (Elizabeth loves her birding!)
  13. Rabbit’s foot.

That last one is a personal touch. Elizabeth is always rolling her eyes at my little superstitions. But when it comes to uncanny happenings, I always make sure to pack a little luck!

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