Stop the Presses! “Ghost Bandits of Sonora” Hits Bookshelves!


At long last, fans of Elizabeth Crowne can feast their eyes on this thrilling sequel—Ghost Bandits of Sonora, a phantasmic Western adventure!

Catch the spine-tingling book trailer here:

One morning in 1922, a merciless gang rides into the town of Ezra, Arizona. They leave in their wake a trail of bodies and some frightening questions: Why did they wear masks painted like skulls? What was the crimson fog that enveloped them? And how did they disappear without a trace?
Here to solve the riddle is Elizabeth Crowne, the plucky paranormal investigator from Pittsburgh. Yet as Elizabeth discovers, the heist introduces a grander saga—of haunted mines, ancient legends, and cowboy justice in the unforgiving Southwestern desert.
An uncanny take on the Western tradition, Ghost Bandits of Sonora is an action-packed companion to the hit podcast The Adventures of Elizabeth Crowne.

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